Winter Color Scheme Ideas

Posted on: January 7th, 2016

Winter is here, and we all agree with the famous song: “Baby, it’s cold outside.” And we also agree that a warm and cozy home is everything that we’re looking for. So besides fireplaces and blankets, a nice and easy way to help your home feels warm and inviting is to create a beautiful color scheme.

That is why we’ve selected some tips and ideas to give your home a touch of coziness and warmth during the season of cold days.

1 – Winter + Holidays = Keep the balance

As the winter meets the Holiday Season, neutral grays can balance the traditional reds and greens and give your home a harmonic look.


Vienna sofa by Camerich

2 – Fruits and Flowers

A bowl of real, or artificial, fruits such as apples or pears or a nice vase with flowers will brighten your home and match seamlessly with holiday décor.

3 – Throw Blankets and Pillows

You can mix some throw blankets and pillows in bold and neutral colors to keep the color balance and the warmth.


Campo bed by Bonaldo

4 – Winter Textures

Incorporate winter textures like felt, cashmere and wool will help to set the mood and keep you warm.


Plat sofa by Arketipo

We hope that these few tips help you to enjoy the cold days in your nice and warm home.


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